With Popcorn, without a mask: movie theaters open again, as a visit now can look

With Popcorn, without a mask: movie theaters open again, as a visit now can look


After a week-long closures, the first cinemas are allowed to open again. This will change a lot – the visitors need to get used to a new normal.

Previously, you had to make a visit to the cinema is really a lot of thought. Now, however, the Corona pandemic also altered our time in the cinema.

Nationally, the first light houses in the game already opened, including some in the state of Hesse, Saxony, Schleswig-Holstein, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Rhineland-Palatinate. Wednesday (27.5.) should Hamburg, Thursday (28.5.) then, in Saxony-Anhalt. In the coming weeks, the re-openings for North Rhine-Westphalia (30.5 in.), Baden-Württemberg (1.6.), Brandenburg (6.6.) and Bavaria (15.6.) announced. But how a movie looks like in the future?


To the cinema, from the friendly assistant at the checkout, the room plan to show and calmly consider where you want to sit: now, That is probably only once in the past. Instead, the cinemas, ask your customers to buy tickets online.

Also in the cinema itself, there will be as few as possible inter-actions. Cinemaxx managing Director Frank Thomsen explains: "At the inlet a contactless ticket inspection is carried out. On all funds – cinema cashier and catering counters – can be paid with card or contactless."

Desire places

On the edge, in the middle or the last row? Many have favorite places to sit in the cinema with pleasure. However, the prescribed distances to be observed, are not all of the seats in the room available. Couples and friends are allowed to sit in the common, while side by side, however, it is to be observed, then according to current rules 1.5 meters distance, the next visitors. This means that a plurality of places to stay next to, in front of and behind a free and not for other guests may be. Seats are permanently assigned.

As the cinema rules the bookings exactly, has not yet been clarified anywhere. "Between the Seats, the Two blocks can be booked online, are blocked seats for the required distance and remain frei", stressed about Thomsen of Cinemaxx. According to Christine Berg from the Executive Board, HDF cinema card systems could be modified so that the System makes a reservation automatically, with the surrounding places. This could allow a slightly more flexible Seating.

The cinema hope, however, that these distance rules once again change. Because if it remains at 1.5 meters distance, the utilization of a room according to the associations of HDF Kino and AG Kino, a maximum of 20 or 25 percent. The majority of the seats remains empty: "If two seats are occupied, must 12 free bleiben", mountain says. According to the Christian Bräuer of the AG Kino, a Meter would be a distance – like in Austria – an improvement, because then at least each row could be occupied. "Then a chess-Board system would be conceivable in which, although any number of places but the offset, and not directly in a row are occupied."

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Nachos, Popcorn & Co.

Belongs to the traditions of a cinema visit also the catering for the many: The one treat yourself to baked Nachos, the other want to grab a giant bag of Popcorn, while others make a toast with a beer or Prosecco. You may also continue. Because at the Bars and counters of the cinemas there should be how to buy had drinks and Snacks.

However, it will be because of the hygiene rules similar to those in super markets and other shops a little differently than in the past. This means in most cases: With distance and the mouth-nose cover or wait in line and order. The staff will often stand behind a plexiglass window. Maybe Nachos and co. will be presented in the future with a small cover.

Going to the toilet

"Excuse me, can I pass, please?" So far, over shoved to the other guests in the series, if you wanted to go to the toilet. Now, there will be significantly fewer guests in the same series, if at all. The toilets can continue to be used. However, you have to sit up, then when you Leave the course, usually the mouth, nose and protection.


Speaking of masks: If you have to wear during the movie, the face mask, is not regulated according to the mountain nor in all of the länder, clearly. In Cinemaxx it is said that the Mask requirement in the case of the already opened cinemas at the inlet and outlet in the cinemas as well as for toilet visit during the performances is. "Once in the room of the assigned seat was taken, may be removed by the mask." There should be locally, however, a legal mask obligation for the entire visit to the cinema – also during the presentation – it would also of course apply to the Cinemaxx.