What July's Full Moon In Capricorn Means For You

What July's Full Moon In Capricorn Means For You


Life is constantly a balancing act. Like, how the heck are you supposed to keep pushing forward in your career while juggling everything that needs to get taken care of in your personal life? (Asking for a friend here… )

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution, but there is a full moon happening over 4th of July weekend that will help give you some answers. It’s called the Full Buck Moon in Capricorn, and it’s specifically happening on July 5, 2020. Oh, and it’s also coinciding with a lunar eclipse.

This full moon and lunar eclipse combo will force you to give your work-life balance the side-eye. But that’s actually a good thing because it’ll urge you to come up with some new ideas on how to figure it all out (finally!), according to Donna Page, a certified astrologer in Atlanta.

Of course, that only scratches the surface of what this event has in store for you. Here’s what else your zodiac sign can expect from the Full Buck Moon in Capricorn and lunar eclipse this month—and how it can impact your life going forward.

What is the Full Buck Moon in Capricorn, exactly?

Quick astronomy lesson here: The moon moves through different phases and, when it’s a full moon, it looks like a big, round ball in the sky. A lunar eclipse, meanwhile, is what happens when Earth’s shadow blocks the sun, according to Space.com.

This particular full moon gets its name from history. It’s called the Full Buck Moon because the Algonquin people, who were prominent along the Atlantic Coast and into the interior along the St. Lawrence River and around the Great Lakes, noticed that a buck’s antlers were in full growth mode at this point, according to the Farmer’s Almanac. (The moon is also known as the Full Thunder Moon because thunderstorms are so common around this time.)

How will the Full Buck Moon in Capricorn and lunar eclipse affect your zodiac sign?

Because this full moon is also a lunar eclipse, astrology-wise that means it’s a good time to press pause and think about life, Page says. During the full moon in Capricorn, you’ll spend a ton of energy trying to figure out how to “have it all”—whatever that means for you. Maybe that’s getting up an hour earlier to get an early start on your sweat sesh to free up more time to hang with your S.O. in the afternoon. Or maybe it means actually scheduling in some “me” time to do a face mask or meditate on your cal. Whatever balance looks like to you, you’ll suddenly figure out a solution to get you leaps closer to nailing that (figurative) tightrope walk.

At the same time, you’ll have some thoughts about the people surrounding you on the reg. Do you feel like your friends, coworkers, and even your community, lift you up—or does it feel lately like they’re dragging you down? If something (or many somethings) seems off, you’ll be motivated to surround yourself with more people that are both fun and have your back.

The Full Buck Moon in Capricorn will impact all zodiac signs, but Capricorn and Cancer will feel it the most, Page says

How will the Full Buck Moon in Capricorn impact your future?

Figuring out the perfect work-life balance for you is pretty much the Holy Grail of adulting. Once you’ve got it sorted out, you’ll feel a massive sense of relief. And, while you’ll definitely face new challenges and will have to make adjustments here and there, making some key tweaks now will free you up to ~actually~ be your best self.

As for the people around you…weeding out the toxic ones will do amazing things for your mental health. It could be as simple as no longer hanging out with a particular friend (you know the one), or even moving to an area that just feels more you. Whatever the deal, putting yourself in a happier, more positive environment will just make you feel g-double o-d.

When’s the next full moon?

The next full moon is in Aquarius on August 3, 2020. Just a heads up: You might be dealing with some serious thoughts and feelings during this time. Don’t freak out just yet—it’s a good thing.

But, for now, enjoy having a li’l balance in your life for once. It’s so deserved.

This article originally appeared on Women’s Health US. 

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