What Is Gnudi? How To Make This Ravioli-Gnocchi Dish Giada De Laurentiis Style

What Is Gnudi? How To Make This Ravioli-Gnocchi Dish Giada De Laurentiis Style


ICYMI, Giada De Laurentiis has been exploring Italy with Bobby Flay — via their new show, Bobby and Giada in Italy. And in their latest episode — the final episode of the season — De Laurentiis makes a mouthwatering Tuscan dish with an interesting name we’ve (admittedly) never heard of before, gnudi. So, we had to know: What is gnudi? And how do we make this delicious-looking Italian dish De Laurentiis style?

“Gnudi: think half naked ravioli, and half pillowy gnocchi,” De Laurentiis writes on Instagram. To elaborate, gnudi are dumplings describes as “naked” cheese ravioli.


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“The texture is similar to an extra-pillowy gnocchi, and it’s wonderful served up with a classic pomodoro,” De Laurentiis writes on her food blog, Giadzy. “It’s a regional Tuscan specialty that I just love – it’s a great vegetarian dish to serve up for something different.”

And surprisingly, this dish is quick to make; in just about 30 minutes, you’ll have dinner on the table.

De Laurentiis’ Spinach Gnudi recipe calls for frozen spinach, store-bought marinara, basil, nutmeg, grated parmesan, eggs and flour, and whole milk ricotta cheese. De Laurentiis recommends picking up a dryer ricotta cheese, like Galbani, as this particular cheese will help the gnudi hold together. “If using a wetter ricotta, drain out some of the liquid first!” De Laurentiis advises.

To make it, you’ll mix together the ricotta, spinach, parmesan, eggs, and yolks with the spices, seasonings and flour to form the balls (gnudi). You’ll then coat the gnudi in flour and boil ’em. Pour the marinara (or pomodoro) on plates, place the gnudi atop, and top with basil and parmesan.

Bon appetit!

Get the full Spinach Gnudi recipe on Giadzy.

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