Virus alert in the state of Hesse is here: shops, cinemas and pubs closing what remains open

Virus alert in the state of Hesse is here: shops, cinemas and pubs closing what remains open


Hesse tightened its measures in the fight against the Coronavirus. The state has set the public life largely, tens of thousands of schools and nurseries closed, as well as museums and theatres, the closure of part of the prescribed. The Corona-implications for Hessen at a Glance.

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The Coronavirus spreads in Hesse. Until early Sunday afternoon (version: 14.00) were infected 1267 people with the causative agent of Sars-CoV-2. The were 101 confirmed cases more than the day before. According to the Ministry of social Affairs, three people have died so far in the consequences of an infection.

Strict prohibition of Contact in Hessen

Hesse adopts prohibition, therefore, a far-reaching Contact. The Prime Minister Volker Bouffier (CDU) announced on Sunday in Wiesbaden.

  • People are generally only alone out of the house.
  • For families and home communities, there are exceptions to this rule.
  • Who needs support, could be accompanied by a second Person.
  • When exactly are the requirements to apply was still open, a government spokesman said.

To slow the spread of the pathogen, has decided the state of Hesse already had far-reaching measures. Since Monday, no more classes held in schools, day-care centres are closed. FOCUS Online gives an Overview.

Hesse includes cinemas, pubs and many shops

The Land of Hessen has been arranged due to the Coronavirus to the closure of pubs, cinemas, Nightclubs and many shops from Wednesday.

Of the closures except for:

  • Food markets, farmer’s markets, pick – up and delivery services, beverage markets
  • Pharmacies, Medical Supply Stores, Drugstores
  • Gas stations
  • Banks, savings banks, and post offices
  • Hairdressers, Dry Cleaners, Laundromats, Newspapers Sale
  • Construction and horticultural markets, pet supplies markets, wholesale

For these shops the Sunday is to be subjected to bans on buying until further notice basically. For the Opening of these stores hygiene requirements apply. The access should be controlled to avoid queues.

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Hesse: schools and day care centers due to Coronavirus week long closed

The schools in the state of Hesse, the country until the end of the Easter holidays (18. April) no longer taught, to slow the spread of the infections. The schools remained for a emergency care for children of parents open, working, for example, in a hospital. The scheme also applies to the day-care centres in the state of Hesse. On Monday, students and teachers have the opportunity to come into the schools to make appointments for the classes free time or personal teaching and learning materials to pick up.

In addition, the Ministry of culture announced in the state of Hesse: "For students of the school year gears 1 to 6 is a emergency care in small groups, to ensure. The emergency care serves children whose parents are in the so-called critical infrastructures."

The Abitur in Hessen in the next week, as planned, to begin. This is according to the current view of the situation, said the Hessian Minister of culture Alexander Lorz (CDU). The Abitur is thus – today – on the Thursday, 19. March, and the written exams until the end of the 2. April will be carried out, as it says on the website of the Hessian Ministry of culture.

Day-care centres and day care centres need to contain the Coronavirus, also a week long remain closed. This Ministry shall notify the social that day-care centres to 19. April for the time being are closed.

When must my child in Kindergarten?

From Monday, 16. March to for the time being, Sunday, 19. April (the end of the Hessian Easter holidays)

You can care for my child from the childminder?

No, the regulation also applies to child day care centers.

Why will be made for parents and guardians of certain professional groups exceptions?

There are professional groups for the maintenance of public life is indispensable. Exceptions there are, therefore, only if both of the child’s parent or the sole guardian of one of the following groups of people include:

  • Members of the police service
  • Workers of the country, the bureaux, the police and law enforcement tasks
  • Members of the fire brigades
  • Employees of the authorities of the public health service
  • Judges and public prosecutors of the justice
  • Officials of the justice and Forensic unit
  • Staff of emergency services
  • Helpers of the Technical assistance work
  • Volunteers of civil protection
  • Employees in
    1. Hospitals
    2. Preventive care or rehabilitation facilities, where the hospitals, comparable medical care is
    3. Dialysis facilities
    4. Day clinics
    5. Confinement facilities
    6. Treatment or supply facilities that are with one of the numbers 1 to 5 above-mentioned institutions comparable to
    7. full or partial in – patient facilities for the care and accommodation of elderly, disabled or needy people

The Hessian Ministry of social Affairs has published on its website a detailed list of all the professional groups that are entitled to an emergency care have.

Universities and colleges in Hesse, Germany: the beginning of the semester moved

The Start of the summer semester, is in all Hessian universities on the 20. April has been postponed. The other research – and science can go further, said Prime Minister Volker Bouffier. Students can take also the exam.

Air traffic at Frankfurt Airport

dpa/Silas stone , An Airbus A320 Neo (r) of the airline, Lufthansa, will from the Parking position at Frankfurt airport rolled.

At the Frankfurt airport to be in the corona of a crisis, if necessary, also during the night take-offs and landings possible. "We are in a Ausnahmesituation", the Hessian transport Minister Tarek Al-Wazir (Green party) said. "Therefore, it is important to the operation of the aircraft for the Corona Virus affected take-offs and landings around the clock to maintain." For Germany’s largest Airport, a night flight ban from 23: 00 to 05: 00 is usually. Late machines may not land until midnight.

"The Frankfurt airport is a must. and bleiben&quot ready for operation…, Al-Wazir said. He was one of the few to infection, protection of airports in Germany, and must hold, therefore, specific capacities for the protection of public health. For this purpose, facilities for investigations, care or storage capacity is included. The Federal government discourages also not necessary to travel abroad. The risk, not to come back to Germany, was "currently hoch", Minister Heiko Maas (SPD), warned the outside.

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  • Info-Hotlines for citizens

    A Hesse-wide Hotline to the theme is under the number 0800-5554666 daily from 8 to 20 hours a day.

    How do I behave in case of symptoms?

    Citizens disease should experience symptoms such as cough, fever or shortness of breath, you should:

    • the 116 -117 calls (the phone number of the medical on-call service)
    • by telephone to the local health Department contact
    • call your family doctor or your primary care physician contact

    Events in Hesse cancelled

    • Memorial concert for the victims of the attack in Hanau, Germany (7. March) moved on 17. May
    • Trade Fair “Light And Building” (8. to 13. March) in Frankfurt moved to September
    • The diocese of Fulda says all public worship services
    • Frankfurt’s Dippemess cancelled
    • Eintracht Frankfurt and closes the Museum to the 10. April
    • International hammer throw Meeting of 30. May to 1. June in Fränkisch-Crumbach cancelled
    • Country chamber of pharmacists, Hessen says Central training (14./15. March) pouring in from
    • Glass-fiber-exhibition fiber days in Wiesbaden, Germany, 13./14. October moved
    • Frankfurt’s future-Congress at the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences moved
    • Night of training in Darmstadt, Germany (13. March) cancelled
    • Hilton-Bazaar of the Frankfurter kinderschutzbund (7. March) cancelled
    • Day of the archives in Bad Homburg (7. March) cancelled
    • Agricultural fair of the country, and enjoyment (20.-22. March) in Frankfurt has been moved to next year

    Celebrations and gatherings with more than 100 participants , according to an arrangement of the Hesse state government after a special Cabinet meeting to combat the corona virus crisis prohibited. To slow the spread of the Coronavirus, at least, should be minimized in addition, the personal contacts as far as possible. The regulation had on the weekend, two couples to feel. Your wedding parties with more than 100 participants in Hattersheim and Kelkheim were dissolved, the guests had to go home.


    Museums and theatres

    • Since Sunday all the museums and theatres of the country , as well as the Museum landscape Kassel, initially up to 19. April closed. The provincial government recommends local authorities, this also for its theatres and museums to arrange.
    • The state capital of Wiesbaden also has all indoor pools closed.
    • In Frankfurt , for example, remain in the Zoo, the palm garden, the theatres and the museums.

    Consequences for hospitals, Old and nursing homes

    • Hospitals place strict measures. For the protection of patients and employees is at the Klinikum Fulda, a General ban on visitors. As far as medical, social, or palliative medical reasons an exception is needed, visitors can after telephone arrangement in a particular case be allowed, it said. Similarly, the hospital Hersfeld responded-Rotenburg. The exception are the rules only for pastors, parents of minor children or visitors to the palliative care unit. Also lawyers and notaries in a professional capacity are exempted from the prohibition, while in the case of births only one accompanying person is allowed. Also, in the Main-Kinzig-Kreis is applicable from Monday, a comprehensive ban on visitors in hospitals, nursing homes, and rehabilitation and health clinics.


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