Virus alert in Baden-Württemberg: What citizens now need to know

Virus alert in Baden-Württemberg: What citizens now need to know


In addition to North Rhine-Westphalia, Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg is the most affected by the spread of the Coronavirus. Nurseries, schools and universities to close a week long, public life came to a Standstill, and events are cancelled. An Overview of what you need to know the people in the state of Baden-Württemberg now.

Baden-Württemberg’s in lockdown in the fight against the Coronavirus is more: the state government has tightened controls on the borders to France and Switzerland. Now you want to close the airports until further notice, to slow the pace of infection from the outside as well as it goes. Travellers from abroad would be brought back, told the German press Agency on Monday from government circles in Stuttgart.

Baden-Württemberg is the most affected by the spread of the Coronavirus-affected land in addition to North Rhine-Westphalia and Bavaria. Until Sunday Württemberg were confirmed in the state of Baden-in the case of the local authorities 977 infections. Three infected people have died so far.

With FOCUS Online, you will learn the most Important current measures in Baden-Württemberg.

Schools and nurseries

Because of the Coronavirus pandemic, closes, Baden-Württemberg, from Tuesday, 17. In March, all schools and day-care centres until the end of the Easter holidays (19. April). For children of parents in the system of the relevant Professions (such as police, fire, medical and nursing staff, food production, and infrastructure) to provide emergency care. Of the closure, all school facilities are affected, so both public and private schools.

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Exams falling in the period of the closure will be moved according to the Ministry of culture to the period after the Easter holidays; starting Monday, the 16. March, to be held no examinations in the schools. This applies to the 2. April scheduled English tests in Vocational secondary schools and vocational secondary schools but also for individual audits of the vocational baccalaureate.

To be able to care for their children organize, allowed to remain many Porsche employees on Tuesday at home. A spokesman for the carmaker said on Monday in Stuttgart, that the scheme for Employees in Baden-Württemberg was unable to work mobile.

Of the School and daycare closures of up to 1.6 million families and Single parents might be affected with children. Nevertheless, the state government defended it as the only correct action.

What are the schools and day-care centres are affected?

  • The closure affects all schools and child day-care facilities in the state of Baden-Württemberg, regardless of whether it is a free or public ownership.

How is the Situation for teachers?

  • For teachers service obligation is to continue. In the case of the distribution of the tasks of the school are encouraged pipelines to make sure that the costs of extracurricular activities, taking into account the individual’s family Situation are distributed as evenly as possible to all teachers. This also includes the consideration for the teachers who need to at home take care of their own children due to the School or daycare closure belongs to.

Who has the right to emergency care?

  • Emergency care in schools and day-care facilities will be working for pupils at primary schools and the grade 5 and 6 levels in secondary schools, as well as the corresponding funding schools, whose parents or legal guardians in the area of critical infrastructure. For kindergarten children, there is emergency care, the parents should be engaged in the system of the relevant Professions.

How many hours per day the emergency includes care?

  • Emergency care in schools covers the period of the operation of the School and, if necessary, additional afternoon care The division of children and Supervisory personnel is the responsibility of the school Board. The municipalities will be asked, along with the bodies of the child day-care facilities to provide emergency care for nursery children and children of children’s day-care according to the same principles on the ground.

More info, as well as the most important questions and answers can also be found on the Website of the Ministry of culture.

Universities and universities of applied Sciences

In the universities in Baden-Württemberg, nothing more: The lecture operation starts for all students in the country until after the Easter holidays. Seminars and Lectures will start at the earliest on the 20. April. In most of the universities of applied Sciences, the lecture would be operating normally on Monday (16. March) will start, at most of the Unis in April.

Border controls

dpa border controls in Breisach am Rhein

The baden-württemberg’s borders to France and Switzerland on Monday morning, with tighter controls started, the spread of the Coronavirus to the brakes. Commuters and vehicles the goods may continue to the borders to cross. The control through your interviews and could have Indicate infection or contact to Infected travelers return. The officials liaise with the local health authorities.

Rail transport

The Deutsche Bahn will reduce in the coming days to their regional transport in Baden-Württemberg. The company is responding to the low number of passengers as a result of the Coronavirus-crisis, as a spokeswoman on Sunday said in Berlin. The number of trains will be progressively adjusted to the declining demand.

The train is not explained, we reduced the offer by itself. The company has been approached by individual operators, with possible range restrictions to cope with. "The decision about the changed schedules to meet at the end of the Besteller", added a spokesman. The are in the rail-regional transport, the Federal States or public transport networks.

The conductor has more control in the regional trains, in addition to the tickets. This is done for the protection of passengers and staff, said the railway spokesperson. The conductor with the drive but is still in the trains.

The Ministry of transport in Stuttgart is in contact with the various railway companies, the extent to which the regional transport down can or must be. "We prepare ourselves to reduce the offer, if there is not enough staff steht&quot available;, a spokesman said on Sunday. Of these, the following Compounds are affected:

  • Tübingen – Stuttgart (Neckar-Alb-Bahn), a single regional Railways account for
  • Tübingen – Herrenberg (Ammer valley railway) trains are attributable to Minute 47
  • Metzingen – Bad Urach (ermstal railway) – set, rail replacement transport is used

Railway extended a gesture of goodwill and cancellation conditions

  • The railway extended due to the exceptional location, the possibilities for customers to postpone your trip or cancel. More info find track customer here.
  • For all up to 13. March purchased Tickets with travel dates between 13. March, and 30. April could move passengers to their travel. In addition, customers can purchase this up to 30. June flexible for the booked route. The discount saving prices and super saver prices for a specific train is cancelled.

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The Ministry of social Affairs Baden-Württemberg 977 confirmed Corona cases in the state of Baden-Württemberg (Stand: 15. March 2020, 15:00)

Air traffic in the state of Baden-Württemberg

The state government wants the operation at all airports in Baden-Württemberg due to the Coronavirus set. The German press Agency learned on Monday from government circles in Stuttgart. Travellers from abroad would be brought back. Who come from a crisis region, had to be in quarantine. The decision should therefore emerge in the course of the week.

Info-Hotline for citizens

For all your questions about the Coronavirus, the government Bureau of Stuttgart has set up a Hotline for those seeking advice citizens. The Hotline supports the state health office in the government Bureau of expertise. You can reach people daily (including weekends) between 9 and 18 o’clock by phone at 0711 904-39555.

  • For more on the Corona-crisis you read in the News-Ticker of FOCUS Online.

Events in Baden-Württemberg cancelled

In Baden-Württemberg, events with more than 1000 participants are prohibited. In addition, due to the Coronavirus to public events with more than 100 participants in closed rooms is prohibited. The Prime Minister Wilfried Kretschmann (Green) announced on Friday in Stuttgart. This relates to the following Events:

  • Stuttgart spring cancelled fixed
  • Horse show was canceled at the Mannheim Maimarkt
  • Didacta Education Fair (24. to 28. March) moved to Stuttgart
  • Bach week (13. to 21. March) cancelled in Stuttgart
  • Radio Arc Award (3 Rain. April) in the Europa-Park theme Park in Rust cancelled
  • Aqua-Fish (6. to 8. March) and the spring trade fair IBO (18. to 22. March) moved in Friedrichshafen
  • The national theatre are all around 1200 seats of their Opera house in the sale, in order to remain below the recommended maximum limit.

Further measures and restrictions in the state of Baden-Württemberg

In Stuttgart on arrangement of the city, all the Clubs, Bars, museums, theaters, or baths remain closed. Also cities such as Karlsruhe, Mannheim and Heilbronn languages comprehensive bans from. Larger events in closed rooms are, in any case says the land far below. Buses and trains, even the retail and Restaurants are allowed to open. Visits to nursing homes and hospitals are, however, the country is largely prohibited. The game banks in Baden-Baden, Konstanz and Stuttgart are tight. The Staatsoper Stuttgart is no longer only in digital form, the state theatre in Karlsruhe at all.


  • Also, the Festspielhaus in Baden-Baden said all of the events of the next few weeks, including the Easter festival, starting on.
  • The country-the SPD said at the weekend that all events up to the end of April. The Evangelical-Lutheran Church in Württemberg recommended to their communities, to abandon for the time being, to God services.
  • The Stuttgart state Opera differs during the forced break because of the Coronavirus on the digital platform. Because until the 19th century. April, all performances of the Stuttgart state theatre have been cancelled, will be offered on the website, free of charge, a digital Opera program, told the house on Friday.
  • To contain the Virus, the Württemberg state sports Federation and its member associations recommended that the training operation to the end of the Easter holidays to suspend.

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