Virologist Drosten explained Mutation of the Coronavirus and why this is good news

Virologist Drosten explained Mutation of the Coronavirus and why this is good news


The Coronavirus seems to be a new study, to develop and mutate. What initially sounds like a nightmare scenario, but turns out as quite an Chance, as a virologist Christian Drosten explained.

A Mutation is a spontaneous and permanent change in the genetic material is referred to. Most often, the term is understood to be negative. Especially when he is in connection with a Virus. Because permanent changes in the genome are characterized in that they are for our own optimization, and for Survival.

Virologist Christian Drosten takes the phenomenon of the NDR Podcast "The Coronavirus-Update" and explains a study from England shows that the Coronavirus is evolving.

"Colorful Patienten" can give several virus versions

The study reveals that patients can wear different virus populations in. To illustrate this, declares Drosten, you could imagine the individual virus infections in colors.

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There is, therefore, "green Patienten" or "red Patienten", but you recognize that it is also "colorful Patienten" is that both Viruses editions. And also pass it on. "That seems not so rare to occur."  

But this also means that the Coronavirus is evolving as Drosten explained. The mixed virus population to remain, apparently, several patients in a row stable.

The result is, "the Virus has a better prospect of a optimization on the people in the long run. The Chance that it adapts better to the people, as if it wasn’t for cans of these larger Transfer."

Drosten: Virus wants to optimize two possible options

What at first sounds like an extremely problematic knowledge, emerges as a glimmer of hope. This Mutation, says Drosten, could have positive consequences for the people, the virologist formulated two of them:

"As we rotate it, it is harmless werden&quot is;

In both cases, the Virus would have an advantage, but also the population of an advantage would entail. In focusing on the nose would spread the Virus for longer and more, because the more harmless disease not give the patient the feeling that he had to stay home.

In General, amplification of the Virus in the Patient serious ill, by the earlier and stronger onset of symptoms but rather from the Public to withdraw would.

This optimization by Mutation, according to Drosten, therefore, a factor that "the result is that actually virus epidemics of the time harmless."

The virologist stresses: "As we rotate it, it will definitely be harmless, simply due to the population immunity. But maybe Evolution plays a role."

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