These stickers tell you when to reapply suncream by changing colour

These stickers tell you when to reapply suncream by changing colour


With things heating up in the UK, it’s important to ensure we are getting the most out of our sun protection. 

And when it comes to SPF, there are a few key pointers – including to apply it as the last skincare ingredient (AKA after moisturiser), but also to use plenty of it.

But, sometimes the area we fall short on is the reapplying of sunscreen.

Thankfully, people are going wild for a new product that’s designed to help with exactly that.

A company called SPOTMYUV have created some genius stickers, designed to flag to you when it’s time to top up your SPF.

It’s been dubbed as the first clinically-proven UV detection sticker, that tells you if your suncream is no longer working – due to its patented skin-mimicking technology.

Put simply, when you apply the sticker it’s purple, and when you add suncream over the top it’ll turn clear (blending into your skin).

However, the sticker will turn purple again when it’s time to reapply.

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Speaking about the product, the company says: ‘Our non-toxic dye turns purple in UV light. This dye only senses light, which is why we say SPOTMYUV is solar-powered. 

‘When you apply sunscreen and face SPOT to sunlight, the UV Sensing Ink recognises that you have applied enough SPF, and it turns clear.’

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Twitter user @rollerskatingesthecian decided to give them a go and share the results.

In her video, she can be seen applying the sticker to her face before adding her SPF – and stresses it might take a while for the sticker to turn clear, but it eventually will.

And, sure enough, it seems to work exactly as the company says on the tin.

Plus, it’s worth pointing out that these stickers can be applied to anywhere on the body – not just the face.

So you no longer have to worry about burning this summer.

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