The Federal constitutional court overturns death with dignity ban

The Federal constitutional court overturns death with dignity ban


The ban on commercial euthanasia is unconstitutional. The decision of the Federal constitutional court in Karlsruhe today. There is a right to self-determined Dying, the freedom could, to take life and on the voluntary help of a third party to access, the verdict.

Of Section 217 of the criminal code prohibits in December 2015, the “business-like promotion of suicide”. With the normal course of business, the legislature not only meant that with such assistance, Profit is made. Business also the one that requires no money for his services, his help, however, repeatedly offering is. In the case of violations up to three years ‘ imprisonment or a fine is threatened. In contrast, Physicians, palliative care physicians, euthanasia societies and severely ill patients have sued. The Federal constitutional court has now decided that Clause 217 is unconstitutional, because he was speaking of the General personality law.

Legislature may regulate euthanasia

It follows that the legislature may not regulate assisted Suicide. He must ensure that the Individual’s right to end his life in a self-determined, sufficient space for the development and implementation remains.

Active euthanasia is banned in Germany. This refers to the killing of another person at his Request, for example, by a syringe. In the case of assisted euthanasia, the lethal drug will be made available only to the Patient must take it themselves.


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