The Best Monthly Wellness Subscriptions to Keep You Feeling Great

The Best Monthly Wellness Subscriptions to Keep You Feeling Great


For gym rats who want to stay cute: Sweat & Sparkle Box

Finding a fitness-geared box that doesn’t make you want to roll your eyes and cancel your gym membership is a challenge. But this Sweat & Sparkle Box is designed to help you with your fitness and nutrition goals while also giving you some beauty and self-care products to love up on yourself along the way. Plus, by signing up (for about $39.95 a month) you also get an invite to their Facebook community, if you need a bit of moral support and want to connect with likeminded fitness fans.

For vitamins: Care/of

For vegans: Vegan Cuts

For therapist-approved self-care: Therabox

For finding the best snack: Bestowed

For getting cozy: Hygge Fem Box

For CBD fanatics: Hempa the Explorer

Hemp Crate Co has three different curated CBD boxes (one for health and wellness recovery, one for your pets and another that’s a sampler of all sorts of different products.) As we’ve said over and over forever, the extent of CBD’s benefits still require a bit more research and you should always read up on the ingredients before putting them in, on or around your body (and know that it is not a replacement for medical care!) — but, if you’re into CBD already and want to see some of the cool options out there, this sample box (Hempa the Explorer) starting at $44.99 is a way to try a bunch of new things each month.

A version of this story was published in March 2017.

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