Runny nose, cough, sore throat: sniffles, Germany

Runny nose, cough, sore throat: sniffles, Germany


It starts with a sore throat, runny nose, and General fatigue, then head -, and limb pain are added. From a large survey on the topic of cold was now, as the infection is typically.

A cold is usually not dangerous, as it can feel sometimes, but quite so. Because cough and a verschnupften nose it is not: often there is headache and muscle pain usually do not have to wait long, and plagues the Sufferers in addition.

As the typical the common cold in Germany looks like, the market research institution Kantar. In behalf of Ratiopharm, it surveyed 1000 women and men from the age of 14.

First of all: “The typical cold” does not exist actually, because each infection is different. But for many it is similar. So 62 percent of the participants complained that they had to suffer in a cold, among several symptoms. In General, these occur but not simultaneously, but successively.  

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This is the characteristic course of a common cold:

  • In the first two days to penetrate the virus in the cells. It first symptoms such as sore throat, sneeze, show, easier to cold and General exhaustion.
  • From day 3 to come, where appropriate, head and body aches, fever. The sore throat and the sniffles are getting worse.
  • From day 6 , which is increasingly dry, irritating cough, the
  • from day 7 of the cough in combination with viscous mucus has been replaced.
  • On day 9 , should the symptoms subside and the cold is mostly weathered to be.

Stuffy nose sucks the most

Most will not find, but the head – and body aches with a cold at the worst, but the stuffy nose: For 33 percent of the respondents was according to the survey, the most annoying common cold symptom, then head -, and limb pain (27 percent), followed by the first. 20 percent of the cough bothered her the most, only 16 percent complained of neck pain.

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Well-stocked in-house pharmacy

As well, the Federal citizens are prepared for a cold? According to the results of the survey is to know how to help, the majority of them easily: In approximately half of the respondents nasal spray and throat tablets (45 percent) and a cough suppressant (43 percent) are in the in-house pharmacy. Combined supplements had about a quarter of them at the ready.

And what are the criteria to play in the search for the perfect cold preparation for a role? In the case of nasal spray, 54 percent, it is important that it is free of preservatives. In the case of cough syrup, especially for children, 71 percent of the Germans to the fact that it is based materials to plant-based ingredients. For 55 percent, it has to be sugar-free and for 54 percent in terms of taste convince, it is taken from the child at all.

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