Look Back at Lauren Conrad's Best Mom Quotes, in Honor of LC's B-Day

Look Back at Lauren Conrad's Best Mom Quotes, in Honor of LC's B-Day


Though the world first got to know Lauren Conrad as a teenager caught up in teenager stuff on Laguna Beach, she has also always seemed like a bit of an old soul. She’s turning 35 today, and yet we feel as if she’s had calm wisdom — set on pastel-colored backgrounds — to impart to us for ages. Which is why it was quite easy for us to mine her quotes from her last three-plus years of motherhood for words to which we can all relate.

Unlike LC, most of us have never been reality-TV stars, fashion interns, lifestyle gurus, young adult novelists, or clothing line moguls, let alone all of those at once. But when Conrad first started speaking about pregnancy, she was talking our language. She and husband William Tell welcomed baby Liam James in July 2017, followed by Charlie Wolf in October 2019 (and caused a bit of a stir with her second child’s already-used moniker).

While navigating new motherhood, Conrad co-founded the nonprofit The Little Market, which sells the handcrafted works of female artisans throughout the world. Then, with a toddler and a new baby at home in a pandemic, she managed to launch a new line of baby and children’s clothing at Kohl’s this year. Some of us, meanwhile, were really thrilled when we managed to put on pants for the day.

Unlike many of her reality-TV peers, Conrad is pretty private about her post-Hills life. She’s all too aware of how sharing can open her up to mom-shaming. This also has the effect of making the rare times she does speak to the press, open up on her short-lived podcast, or write on social media feel like very important moments. and we love to scoop up those rare LC gems. Read on for our favorite of Lauren Conrad’s quotes about being a mom.

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