In mid-June, you should be there: the new Corona works-Warnapp

In mid-June, you should be there: the new Corona works-Warnapp


The developer of the Corona-Warning-App of the Federal government have placed the entire program code of the anticipated application open. “On Pentecost we have published all the remaining not-yet-released source code for the App on the developer platform GitHub”, declared spokesman of the Deutsche Telekom and SAP AG. Thus, all code of the complete App for the Community of experts are available.

Thus, the two companies solve their promise to develop the Tracing App as transparent as possible. In the Open-Source project, over 65 000 volunteers Software had previously, experts considered that the already released source code and suggestions for improvements made. "This is a commitment that is outstanding, and the clear testimony of a vibrant Software-Engineering-culture in Deutschland", it is said in the statement.

With the App, the user should have a personal "Level of risk for a Infektion" can be used to determine. The App sends anonymized short-term identification numbers via Bluetooth, which can be received by other App users in the vicinity. A user is tested positive for Covid-19, and this Status is in the App captures, will be informed of the other users that are affected by the fact that they have lived in the past in the vicinity of an infected Person.

Data are not stored centrally

The Tracing App evaluates no Geo-data and does not transmit location information. The anonymised data from the contacts are not stored centrally, but decentrally at the respective Smartphone. Only the anonymised list is stored centrally and of the Smartphones regularly accessed in order to identify possible problematic encounters. The first Version of the App will initially be available in English and German. Further languages such as Turkish will follow.

The App is not only used for the Detection of infection in pregnant encounter situations, but also offers the possibility to transfer test results digital. In the App, users can scan a QR-Code that you received from the doctor or the lab to get the results of the Corona Tests in the application submitted to and view. "This process is gesteuert&quot from the test results server;, SAP’s chief Technology officer Jürgen Müller explained in a post on Linkedin. "The Server receives the result from the lab and delivers it to the App." The latest publications are "important Meilensteine" on the way to the first official Version of the App, which will stand in the middle of June for iOS and Android on the respective Stores to Download.

Dei would have worked the required Tests for the operation of the App and the user validation of SAP and Telekom closely with #healthy together, said Müller. This was an Alliance of European technology companies that want to actively contribute, Covid-19 with digital solutions to curb.

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