Heart attack: Experiencing this sexual dysfunction is an early warning sign

Heart attack: Experiencing this sexual dysfunction is an early warning sign


A heart attack has various symptoms including chest pain, shortness of breath, dizziness and sweating. If a person experiences a heart attack it needs to be treated immediately in a hospital. Medicine or surgery may be needed to restore the supply of blood to the heart. If these measures are not met a person may be at risk of death. Other measures include noticing early signs in the body warning of a heart attack.


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The main cause of a heart attack is the blood vessels leading to the heart becoming blocked.

A person can significantly reduce their risk of developing this potentially life-threatening condition by eating a healthy diet, doing regular exercise and maintaining a healthy weight.

If a man experiences erectile dysfunction it could be an early warning sign of a heart attack.

There are many reasons as to why a person may experience erectile dysfunction. These include having diabetes and tobacco use which restricts blood flow to veins and arteries which over time cause chronic health conditions which lead to erectile dysfunction. Often erectile dysfunction means an underlying heart condition which could become a heart attack.

In fact, erectile dysfunction is often an early warning sign of heart disease or other circulatory problems.


How is erectile dysfunction and the heart linked?

Mayo clinic explained: “In the past, the build-up of plaques in the arteries of your body was believed to be the reason why erectile dysfunction often precedes heart problems.

“The idea was that plaque build-up reduces blood flow in the penis, making an erection difficult.

“However, experts now believe that erectile dysfunction preceding heart problems is more often due to the dysfunction of the inner lining of the blood vessels.

“Endothelial dysfunction causes inadequate blood supply to the heart and impaired blood flow to the penis and aids in the development of atherosclerosis.”


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British Heart Foundation said: “During an erection, the arteries carrying blood to the penis dilate and more blood flows into the penis, causing it to swell.

“If arteries in the body are affected, this causes a reduction in the blood flow, which can mean problems getting or maintaining an erection.

“Atherosclerosis increases your risk of heart attack. Because the arteries in the penis are so narrow, erectile problems can be one of the first warning signs.

“It’s crucial that any underlying medical conditions, such as angina or diabetes, is detected.

“So, if you’re experiencing problems with erectile dysfunction, book an appointment with your doctor.”

Mayo Clinic added: “Erectile dysfunction does not always indicate an underlying heart problem. However, research suggests that men with erectile dysfunction who have no obvious cause, such as trauma and who have no symptoms of heart problems should be screened for heart disease before starting any treatment.

“If your doctor thinks you might be at risk of heart disease, consider making lifestyle changes. Increase your physical activity, maintain a healthy weight, stop smoking and drink alcohol only in moderation – or not at all.

“However, further tests or treatment might be needed if you have more serious signs and symptoms of heart disease.”

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