Giersch: With wild herb daily requirement of Vitamin C, ceiling Naturopathy naturopathy specialist portal

Giersch: With wild herb daily requirement of Vitamin C, ceiling Naturopathy naturopathy specialist portal


Caution in healthy Giersch: risk of confusion with poisonous plants

For many people with a garden, a weed that is difficult to expel is goutweed. For others it is the wild herb, a tasty Plant that can be versatile to be used in the kitchen and also extremely healthy. But a word of caution: At the time of harvest is a likelihood of confusion with poisonous plants.

If the goutweed propagates again in the garden, and in spite of all the measures is not to get rid of, you should consider it easy to eat. For the wild herb is a true Superfood and can be used for gout.

Considerable Protein Content

Already in food shortage times, the Giersch has provided people with the necessary vitamins. And even today, but full of Vitamin C, Provitamin A and minerals like iron and Magnesium, explains the consumer advice centre Bremen in a recent communication.

“With about 100 grams of Bishop’s weed is the daily requirement of Vitamin C, more than covered,” explains Sonja roadside Becker, a consultant for food and nutrition in the consumer advice centre Bremen.

“Also, the protein content is a wild herb, is considerable. Giersch exceeds the 5 grams of even the spinach with its protein content.“

Goutweed for gout

However, the wild herb can even more. As the Naturschutzbund (NABU) writes Germany on its website, is goutweed in the case of Acidification and the resulting diseases, such as gout, a very big help.

The minerals in the Giersch neutralize acid, therefore, the urine, and so can mitigate not only gout, but also joint pain and other ailments.

Also his Name is Aegopodium podagraria describes, according to the NABU, its properties as a entsäuerndes herb, translated it means “the gout-healing”.


In the kitchen, the herb can be used in many ways. To be eaten raw, the young leaves should be well washed are the best. They are particularly delicate, when you rise just.

“In the taste of raw Giersch reminds beet on a mixture of carrot and parsley. When it is cooked, it tastes similar to spinach“ says Sonja roadside Becker.

In the case of older leaves, hard leaf should be cut off the stalk, however, because the entire leaves become increasingly tighter and more intense in flavor. Therefore, they are better suited for cooked dishes, or to Dry, and have something Giersch in stock.

But not only the leaves are edible, even the bright flowers can be consumed. You can put in salads, or breaded and then fried.

Caution in the harvest

The consumer advice centre Bremen points out that the harvest of a likelihood of confusion to toxic dog’s parsley, and Spotted Hemlock.

“The goutweed is, however, to his stem well,” says roadside Becker. “Because of the GIERSCH stems, in contrast to its double three-edged-goers with a round stalk is cut, the cut surface is like a triangle.”

The NABU also stated that the leaf has three parts, and again divided into three parts. On these characteristics, the old farmer’s rule is probably due to the “Three-three-three, are at the Giersch!”.

In the nature collect

The whole year can be harvested from the leaves.

But who wonders at every self-picked court, whether the goutweed is this constant harvest in may, or hopefully, soon, way, the was not said, according to the consumer, so easy to get rid of the goutweed. But at least he makes for joy on the plate.

Who has no own goutweed in a garden, it can also collect on the edges of woods or rivers. And also applies here: The sheets always wash well. (ad)

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