From Swollen Pregnancy Feet to Babies Learning to Walk, Bombas Socks Have the Whole Fam Covered Comfortably At Every Stage

From Swollen Pregnancy Feet to Babies Learning to Walk, Bombas Socks Have the Whole Fam Covered Comfortably At Every Stage


If you are one of the many pregnant people with swollen feet, take a minute to take a load off, elevate those dogs that must be barking, and let us introduce you to your knight in shining cotton (… or wool … or sherpa).

The sock company Bombas has a well-earned, cult-like following, and shoppers cannot get their hands (dare I say, “their feet?”) on the products fast enough. Devotees swear the brand is a game changer whether you are working out or vegging out, and we can vouch: we’ve tested Bombas ourselves, and they are the softest, coziest, most supportive socks on the planet. They’re literally like a hug for your feet!

But not only are they phenomenally comfy for everyday wear — they are also a true gem if your uterus is filling out. Bombas socks are perhaps best known for their compression, which can be a godsend during pregnancy because it can help prevent the fluid buildup that causes swollen feet and ankles.

And believe us, the joy of Bombas continues postpartum. Not only for your still-tired feet, but for your growing baby. That’s right: Bombas aren’t just for adults anymore! We love the baby socks, not only because they are just as comfy and cozy as the adult versions, but because the slight compression makes them harder for a curious infant to pull them off … again and again and again. *sigh*

Once your little one starts standing and walking, you’ll be thankful for the grippy bottoms which can help keep them upright as they toddle around on hardwood or tiled floors. As your kiddo continues to grow, so to will their love for these fan favorites. And if they grow way faster than expected, or if one gets lost in the laundry, or if life just happens, Bombas will send you a new pair as part of their 100% Happiness Guarantee.

Perhaps best of all is the company’s charitable mission. For every pair of socks, underwear, slippers, and t-shirts sold, the company donates a pair to homeless shelters, Title I schools, and more. So not only will your family be clothed and comfortable — another family will too.

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We are featuring a few of our favorite Bombas products below, but trust us when we say that you absolutely can’t go wrong with any of the collections.

Women’s Ankle Socks

A classic ankle sock is hard to beat, especially when they have a protective blister tab. Shoppers can filter by color, material, activity, and more and save money when they buy packs of three, four to six, seven to eight, or a dozen. We are partial to cotton socks (feet can get sweaty during pregnancy) with compression (duh). More than 36,000 reviewers agree these are the crème de la crème, with one person saying, “Love, Love, Love These! They are comfy and cushiony from the beginning of a 12 hour shift to the end of it! Won’t wear any other type!! I’m SOLD!”

Women’s Calf Socks

If you experience a lot of swelling up into your ankle and beyond, you may want to go for a taller sock like the quarter socks or calf socks. With their “stay up” technology, these socks won’t slide down, so there’s no need to bend over and maneuver around your bump to readjust. They also come with the signature compression, arch support, and seamless toes of all Bombas socks. And once again, buying a multi-pack leads to savings.

Baby’s First Year Pack

We are obsessed with the Baby’s First Year pack which (you guessed it!) gets them through their first year of life. The four tiny socks (extras sold separately) fit on the teeny feet of babies age 0-6 months. Then from 6-12 months, as baby becomes more mobile and starts to pull themselves up, the slightly bigger socks (extras sold separately) with grippers can help the wee babe balance better. You can also buy the gift version of this pack. It will come in a box that holds the socks and explains the charitable mission of Bombas. It’s perfect to bring to a shower or send to a parent-to-be.

Toddler Gripper Calf Sock

Can you tell we love the grip on a pair of Bombas?! Behind that confident facade, your toddler is still getting the hang of this whole “not falling” thing. Go for the grippers once again to help keep them upright. Bombas does share a helpful reminder, though: “While our grippers are pretty good at helping to prevent slips, they’re not magic. So make sure your kids are extra careful, and do their best to practice good coordination out there.”

Youth Sunset Space Dye Ankle Sock

Bombas has 75 options for kids age 5-11, and we could not be happier about that. Bigger kids have bigger opinions, and you’ll want to find something that fits them (literally and figuratively). Let your child pick out their socks, and hopefully by finding something they like, they will be more inclined to take care of the pair (and not just abandon them on the floor at the end of the day).

Matching Days of the Week Socks

Who doesn’t love a matching family moment?! Now you and your little one can match each day of the week with these Monday-Sunday socks that are selling out fast. Each pair has a different image that corresponds to the day. We’re talking, “Monkey Monday,” “Thunder Thursday,” and a camel for “Hump Day.” Available in women, youth, and toddler sizes.

Gripper Slipper Set

Bombas took their sock game up a level when they introduced their Gripper Slipper. Wearing the sock-slipper hybrid is like giving your feet a nice warm hug. “This is the most comfortable, safe slipper sock I have ever worn,” one reviewer said. “Now that I have tried them, I never want to wear any other slipper, or be without them.” Lucky for that person, each pair comes with a travel bag so you can take them on the go. You can buy single slippers, a pair, or a matching set for parents and kids like this father-youth set (Oh yeah, did we mention Bombas has an entire men’s collection too?!).

We love Bombas, and we love that they’re available for the entire fam. Now go do your feet a favor and stock up on a few pairs!

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