For six days in limbo: The experiences a doctor with refugee children

For six days in limbo: The experiences a doctor with refugee children


A retired doctor takes care of in Zirndorf is a sick refugee children and their families. The often traumatized children are not able to communicate often. However, this is not the only Problem in medical care.

The small Dunja and her sister Dina look suspicious, as the doctor Helfried size is about a hand puppet to them. "The is just as anxious as ihr", size says in English to the two refugee children. Dunja and Dina do not understand the sentence, but the gentle voice of the 75-Year-old assured that The sisters will be more and more familiar.

"Now, for the past six days in the Vorhölle"

Carefully, I listen for coughing patients. Then the father of the two girls holds out to him his cell phone. With a translation program, he wrote: "Can’t the language. Now, for the past six days in limbo." In the middle Franconian town of Zirndorf.

I would like to say something, but the father does not understand English. So just a little clueless and compassion remains full view. "A lot of communication is not possible, most of it is non-verbal", size says. The lack of interpreters to be a big Problem. "The banal things you can capture already. But when it comes to trauma and psycho-social problems, the language is absolutely necessary."

The doctor sees many torture scars, and escape injuries

The Board re-activated the doctor sees his patients in Zirndorf torture scars and treats escape injuries of children who have witnessed how beside them, the parents are drowned. Part he can take care of minor childhood illnesses such as fever, diarrhea and coughing, due to the Stress and the Close of the first recording facility. Often the problems are psychological in nature.

"There are seasoned fathers who will sit there crying and desperately sind", size says. "Psycho-social I am often overtaxed. And I know what to expect for a Marathon in Germany to you."

Place for ten minutes, the refugees feel at home

Up to 60 percent of the patients in Zirndorf are traumatized, according to his estimates. "You should not underestimate, even if you can laugh in my room." Recently, a psychiatrist supports the team of Doctors once a week.

The limited, short-term from the ground mashed investigation room size with images of his work for &quot has;Doctors for the third Welt" and children’s posters made something homely. "I’m trying to create a place, where the refugees for at least ten minutes can feel comfortable, and you listened to wird", he says. His office hours in Zirndorf, he has for a year. Twice per week, from 9 to 11: 30 a.m. – so it is available in several languages at the door to the makeshift practice.