Five infants infected in Australian hospital with a rare bacterium

Five infants infected in Australian hospital with a rare bacterium


In a hospital in Adelaide have infected five infants with a pathogen called “Serratia marcescens”. The hospital reacted immediately to make sure that no more children face.

18. May was tested for the first Baby a positive impact on the rare pathogens that can cause in high-risk groups such as infants, Meningitis, or other infections. This &quot reported;9 News". The child was immediately isolated and treated. It could fully recover, however, at the 30. In may, it was confirmed a second case.

Another infant was infected with the bacterium, and is currently due to its stable, but serious condition in of special treatment. After this case, the hospital responded.

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Search for source of infection

"As we showed by the second Baby learned the symptoms, we immediately started a thorough investigation to find out what is the origin of the infection ist", Diana Lawrence, Director of the clinic says.

All 40 infants of the affected were tested division as well as the recently released kids on the pathogen. In addition, 200 swabs were taken to find the source of the bacterium.

This &quot was;Serratia marcescens" in the case of three other children discovered. Also, if you all showed so far no symptoms, they are treated prophylactically with antibiotics. In addition, a wash-basin was identified as a source of infection, which was promptly removed.

"Safety of infants bewahren"

According to the clinic Director Lawrence should, however, be tested once more. Similar to the Covid-19 measures will now be taken increasingly, to the fact that protective clothing is worn. Also, the contact should be kept as low as possible. According to her, the current main task &quot be it;to prevent further cases and to bewahren&quot the safety of the infants in this Department;.

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