Duff Goldman's Butterscotch Banana Cream Tart Is the Sweetest Weekend Baking Project

Duff Goldman's Butterscotch Banana Cream Tart Is the Sweetest Weekend Baking Project


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What are your favorite food flavor combinations? Everyone is different, but there are some things that just seem to go together, no matter who you are. From peanut butter and chocolate, to pepperoni and pizza, there are some foods that just make each other taste better. Take bananas and butterscotch. Bananas foster, banoffee pie, and even some versions of banana pudding play up the combo of banana with a butterscotch or caramel flavor, but Duff Goldman just took things to the next level. He shared a recipe for his butterscotch banana cream pie, and between the salted pretzel crust and the fluffy cream cheese whipped topping, it’s one dessert recipe banana lovers have got to try.


This isn’t your average banana cream pie, and though there are several components, it shouldn’t take you too long to put it together. In fact, it should only take about an hour and a half.

The first step is making the “crispy, buttery, and salty” pretzel crust. It blows a regular graham cracker or cookie crust out of the water, and the salt it adds to the finished product is essential to balancing out the sweetness. It also only calls for three ingredients, which is super easy.

Courtesy of Harper Collins.

Next up is the filling. It’s a luscious banana pudding that’s made with corn starch, which makes it easy for beginners (or people who just hate tempering eggs and trying not to turn pudding into a scramble).

As the filling is cooling in the salted pretzel pie crust in the fridge, make the butterscotch sauce. Goldman explains that butterscotch is caramel made with brown sugar, which gives it a deeper flavor. It’s buttery, flavored with vanilla, and has the perfect sticky-sweet texture.

Courtesy of William Morrow Cookbooks.

Finally, the pie is topped with a fluffy topping of cream cheese whip, then drizzled with the butterscotch sauce. Goldman’s butterscotch banana pie with pretzel crust is totally worth the dishes it generates, and after you finish off the first, you might find yourself wanting to make his chocolate variation on the recipe, too!

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