Dr Amir shares the disturbing reason you may have spots on your cheek – ‘Hear me out!’

Dr Amir shares the disturbing reason you may have spots on your cheek – ‘Hear me out!’


Dr Amir warns of spots on cheeks caused by 'fecal matter'

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Speaking on ITV’s Lorraine, Dr Amir broke down what spots in different areas of the face might be saying about your health. Spots on the cheeks, he warned, could be caused by poo particles that have collected on the surface of your phone. This may occur when using a phone on the toilet, as it’s exposed to faecal matter and e.coli bacteria, which may subsequently come into contact with the face.

Doctor Amir explained: “If you’re getting spots around your cheek area, believe it or not, that might be because you’ve got poo or dirt on your face.

“Hear me out, lots of people take their phones to the bathroom with them, touch them and don’t necessarily wash their hands.

“They get faecal matter on them and bacteria called e.coli, which then goes on your cheek when you press your phone up against your face.”

He added that dirty pillowcases could be another breeding ground for bacteria, also causing breakouts on the cheek.

“Make sure you change your pillowcases every week [as] that will cause spots [on the cheek]”, noted Dr Amir. 

He continued: “Our skin is a good indicator of how healthy and well we are. Things like liver and kidney disease can affect our skin.

“But also the stuff we put on our skin. If you get spots around your hairline, then that could be caused by what you’re putting on your hair.

“All the products you use on your hair, like shampoos and conditioners, can clog up the pores and give you spots.”

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