CPSI gives away new telemedicine system to combat the pandemic

CPSI gives away new telemedicine system to combat the pandemic


Community-healthcare-systems vendor CPSI has launched TalkWithYourDoc.com, designed to be an effective alternative to face-to-face medical visits for patients and doctors amidst the COVID-19 crisis. The goal is to enable safe and comprehensive virtual medical visits between patients and healthcare providers.

CPSI is offering the product for free for the remainder of 2020 to help healthcare-provider organizations during the pandemic.


TalkWithYourDoc.com, the company said, delivers more than remote-care appointments. It is designed to connect patients with their doctors through an integrated dashboard to share electronic health records, patients’ medical devices, health journals, surveys and checklists, medical alerts and more.

It also gives healthcare providers of all sizes the capability to continue offering revenue-generating healthcare services during the coronavirus crisis. Further, it is designed to provide a way for patients to be screened for COVID-19 remotely and receive continuing care for ongoing health problems without risking contracting the coronavirus.

TalkWithYourDoc.com was developed by CPSI’s subsidiary Get Real Health. The new product is billed as EHR-agnostic, secure and HIPAA-compliant and can be set up by downloading an app. A health system, hospital or medical practice can have the system up and running in hours, according to CPSI.


Get Real Health President Robin Wiener said TalkWithYourDoc.com is a secure monitoring tool that can aid a provider when diagnosing a patient. It also, Wiener continued, connects to patients’ medical devices for a 360-degree view of their conditions. The system can be used by small rural hospitals and clinics, as well as large hospital systems, Wiener said.

CPSI Chief Growth Officer David Dye said that Get Real Health has developed patient-engagement systems for 15 years and these systems can exist on a laptop or on a handheld device and allow patients to easily access their health records. The information, he added, is stored securely in one place, and is also available to their families and doctors.


Telemedicine is taking center stage during the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, where healthcare at a distance is profoundly needed.

In an effort to fight the spread of the virus, the HHS Office for Civil Rights announced that during the coronavirus pandemic it would use discretion when enforcing HIPAA compliance for telehealth communications tools.

Meanwhile, the Trump Administration has expanded Medicare telehealth benefits, which the CMS says would enable beneficiaries to get telehealth services in physician’s offices, hospitals, nursing homes, rural health clinics and their homes.

On another front, Healthcare IT News has compiled a listing of telemedicine vendors in the age of COVID-19, a resource for health IT leaders.

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