Covid-19 News: Apparently, a massive fraud in Corona-emergency aid in Berlin

Covid-19 News: Apparently, a massive fraud in Corona-emergency aid in Berlin


The Covid-19-pandemic keeps the world in breath. Already, more than 7.2 million people globally have become infected with the novel Coronavirus – 184.629 of them in Germany. 400,000 people have already died of Covid-19.

Tens of thousands of Berliners after the start of the Corona-crisis emergency aid for entrepreneurs – but not all of them were entitled to do so. The number of fraud cases could even be significantly higher than previously assumed. Like the Berlin "Tagesspiegel" citing the public Prosecutor’s office reported, was the beginning of may determined in 125 cases of subsidy fraud at the end of may in 500 cases. A spokesman for the Berlin Prosecutor’s office said the "Tagesspiegel": "Every day, in the meantime, opened 40 new procedure." According to a spokesman for the country’s own development Bank, IBB is now already determined in 880 cases. As the newspaper reports, has also increased the amount of damage as last dramatically – from 200,000 euros at the beginning of April to four million euros at the end of may. And the dark figure is probably much higher.

Up to 30. April had approved the IBB emergency aid to good 207.000 small business owners and Solo-self-employed. On average, the subsidy amounted to 8502 Euro. The total sum amounted to 1.76 billion Euro. Ulrich Nußbaum, state Secretary in the Federal Ministry of Economics, assumes that only approximately 170 000 entrepreneurs for application in consideration.

The recent suspicion of fraud revolves around a 30-Year-old is said to have collected his non-active precious metal trading with a business partner, a total of 145,000 euros from the investment Bank. 31. March up to 30. April had been made ten applications.

The 30-Year-old is said to have led to previous findings with his Partner, destitute persons to open accounts and start an entrepreneurial activity to pretend, and then get money from Corona emergency assistance programs.

The prosecution of other fraud cases as well as Suspects. Several companies in the 30-Year-old a total of 200 000 Euro is to be obtained has been. It will continue to be determined, it said.

Saarland is planning further easing of Corona rules

21.04 clock: The Saarland state government has more restrictions in the fight against the Corona Virus relaxed. Next Monday, 15. June, are expected to come together for events in closed rooms 50 people and under the open sky for up to 100 people, as the government announced on Wednesday evening in Saarbrücken. A prerequisite is, among other things, that the address quoted and the minimum separation distance of one and a half meters. The new regulation will apply until 28. June 2020.

Restaurants may be opened, therefore, again around the clock. For the course, training, sports and dance school, the group size was increased operation of 10 to a maximum of 20 people. Also spectators are allowed, subject to conditions again. Up to ten choir members together samples inside, if you keep to the distance requirement. Under this and other conditions, there is also a sauna to be able to open attachments again.

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