Coronavirus: Paid time-off for at-risk groups to protect against COVID-19 infection? – Naturopathy Naturopathy Specialist Portal

Coronavirus: Paid time-off for at-risk groups to protect against COVID-19 infection? – Naturopathy Naturopathy Specialist Portal


COVID-19: persons from high-risk groups in the workplace to protect particularly

The number of by the novel Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 caused disease COVID-19 is still on the increase. Especially people from the so-called risk groups may develop after an infection serious. Therefore, it is important to protect these people from infection, even in the workplace.

Employed persons who belong to a risk group, need to be protected at work, particularly from infection with the Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, and may be exposed to increased risk of Infection. The German society for industrial medicine and environmental medicine e.V. (DGAUM) points out in a recent communication.

The elderly and people with pre-existing conditions are more at risk

According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) increases the risk of a serious COVID-19-disease of 50 to 60 years steadily with age. “In particular, older people can, due to less responsive immune system after an infection, severe fall ill (immune senescence),” write the experts.

Also, various underlying diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, Diabetes, diseases of the respiratory system, the liver and the kidney and cancer diseases seem to increase, regardless of age, the risk for a severe course of the disease.

And also for patients with a suppressed immune system (for example, due to a disease, which is associated with an immune deficiency, or due to taking medications, the the body’s immune response, such as cortisone) have a higher risk.

No increased infection risk

People from such groups also need to be in the workplace particularly protected. In a Fact Sheet by the competence network for Public Health COVID-19, a group of scientists and researchers has published recommendations for dealing with employees who belong to a risk group.

The Board of Directors of the DGAUM supports the statements in this position paper unanimously, and without reservation. The experts summarize in your position paper, the following key messages:

  • Active persons are at increased risk for a severe COVID-19-course of the disease or death, which means, in particular, older people with certain chronic diseases, should professionally be used in activities with an increased risk of infection.
  • If this is not at the regular workplace, where appropriate, by technical, organisational or personal protective measures, by internal transfer, by tele-working/home office is feasible, it is recommended to have a paid exemption. This could be financed, in analogy to the continued payment of salary in case of maternity and employment prohibition of (U2), from health insurance funds and accident insurance funds.
  • Whether it’s business – about the risk in the General population, in addition to a need for increased contagion risk, the risk assessment. The assessment of the individual higher risk of disease should medical be part, together with the affected Person. Where medical care is ensured, it would be the, according to change to the law (part 2), an offer preventive accomplish. Otherwise, it would be the task, assess the risk of disease to the treated Physicians or Doctors.

The information, according to the recommendations of the position paper are only valid for activities that are not for patient care to be relevant. (ad)