Ciara Starts Fitness Journey to Lose 48 Lbs. After Giving Birth: 'Going to Work Really Hard'

Ciara Starts Fitness Journey to Lose 48 Lbs. After Giving Birth: 'Going to Work Really Hard'


"But I think as a parent, once you have two, any more after that it's like you're ready," she added. "A baby has so many milestones and there's so much to look forward to."

"It's a house full of love," she said.

Win's older siblings Sienna and Future were anticipating his arrival, Ciara told PEOPLE one day before giving birth.

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"Sienna's been practicing doing the diapers on her baby doll, and Future says he's going to teach him a lot of stuff," she said. "I find them playing in the baby's room like it's their own. It's really sweet."

While Ciara has described her pregnancy with Win as her "slowest pregnancy of all," the singer certainly didn't slow down herself leading up to the delivery. The new mother of three recently spoke about working on her newest song, "Rooted," while in labor with Win.

"I was so proud of the process because I shot the video two weeks away from delivery for one part, and then I shot the other part just two days out," she said in a behind-the-scenes look at the music video's making.

"I probably could only do each take for like two minutes and then I needed to take a break," she explained in the video. "It also felt good working on it while knowing I was about to give birth to my newest angel, I was still grinding, and making it all happen at the same time."

"Even down to literally being in labor having to give approvals for the song to make the deadlines — it was just an incredible experience that I will forever cherish."

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