Caprice Bourret health: Dancing On Ice star was diagnosed with this deadly condition

Caprice Bourret health: Dancing On Ice star was diagnosed with this deadly condition


Caprice Bourret, 48, proved to everyone that she is far more than just a pretty faced. Exploding onto the scene through modelling, the star has appeared on covers including Vogue, FHM and Sports Illustrated. Not content to be known as just another model, Caprice turned her hands to designing and laughed her mega-successful lingerie brand By Caprice, and later moving into bedding. Life seems pretty rosy for the businesswoman until an injury made her world come crashing down.


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Caprice was appearing on the show The Jump when a nasty fell saw her rushed to the hospital for some routine tests.

It was during these tests that something even scarier was discovered.

Explaining the ordeal on Loose Woman, the model explained: “I had a very, very minor accident and I started to get these headaches right after doing skeleton training.

“And then all of a sudden my vision started to go a little, I started to see ten of everything.

“So I went and saw the doctor and he was amazing – ordered up a tonne of tests for me, I mean I had my whole body scanned.

“The nurse came in and said, ‘Oh no, you’re fine’ and I thought, ‘OK let’s go, I need to go we have a live show’.

“And she said, ‘No you have to see the neurosurgeon’.

“So the neurosurgeon came in and she sat down and she said, “Well, you know, don’t be alarmed, but you have a brain tumour.”

What is a brain tumour?

A brain tumour is a collection, or mass of abnormal cells in the brain.

The skull, which encloses the brain is very rigid. Any growth inside such a restricted space can cause problems.

Brain tumours can be cancerous or noncancerous.


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What are the symptoms of a brain tumour?

Some symptoms can be quite general. These include headaches, vision problems, and even mood changes.

Seizures and personality changes can also signal the presence of a brain tumour.

If a person notices any early symptoms of a brain tumour, it’s imperative to speak with your GP immediately.

Thankfully for Caprice her brain tumour was benign, however she still had to have a seven hour operation to remove the tumour.

She made a full recovery and added: “When something like this happens you really change a lot.

“I appreciate life. I’m going to enjoy my life and I’ve appreciated so much. We take our health so much for granted – at least I did.”

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