Bonn virologist Streeck Lockdown criticized, and calls for discussion about the mask duty

Bonn virologist Streeck Lockdown criticized, and calls for discussion about the mask duty


The Corona-pandemic keeps the world in breath. Already, more than 6.9 million people globally have become infected with the pathogen of Sars-CoV-2 – 184.629 of them in Germany. 400,000 people have already died in Corona.

The Bonn virologist Hendrick Streeck draws the Benefit of, the Federal government announced a Corona App in doubt. You would "bit spät", he said in an Interview with the "Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung", "especially since you don’t know if you can contribute something to this, in Germany a pandemic kontrollieren".

Streeck also encouraged a discussion about the mask duty. "At the beginning of the pandemic was warned decidedly against masks. The reasons for that still apply, even if they seem to be playing strangely, no longer. People crumple the masks in the pocket, touch you constantly, and strap yourself in for two weeks again and again in front of the mouth, probably unwashed. This is a wonderful breeding ground for bacteria and fungi."

Also the Use of the many Corona-testing of the Director of the Institute for Virology of the University of Bonn questioned in view of the high cost. "Depending on the laboratory 59 Euro per Test to come, in the best case on the health care system at 400,000 units per week, it means a lot of money. If then should be systematically gescreened, it is even more. If we see only 1 positive result in 100 Tests, asks themselves whether this is worth it." dpa/Federico Gambarini/dpabild Professor Hendrik Streeck, Director of the Institute for Virology at the University hospital in Bonn, Germany.

With a view to schools and day-care centres, the Professor, &quot said;Children are not the big Virenschleudern". Virologically to be said on the question of Opening everything. "The decision must now be politically made. Teachers have no higher risk of infection than other occupational groups working in a similar way with people."

Streeck also criticized the German Lockdown , with its serious consequences. After the ban of large-scale events, the Infection had fallen already. "The other measures, such as contact restrictions, I would have made from the actual course to see how each of the limitations act, and whether additional steps really necessary sind", the Director of the Institute for Virology of the University clinic of Bonn, said in an Interview with the "Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung".

Instead, Germany was "to quickly Lockdown gegangen", because in addition to concerns about the capacity of the hospitals "a certain amount of pressure in the Öffentlichkeit" stock. There is, contrary to his expectation, again a large outbreak, "to ergreifen&quot you will be careful certainly, again, such strong measures;, Streeck said.

"I also do not believe that we cases at the end of the year in Germany, more of death than in other years werden&quot have had;, the doctors said, and pointed to the average age of the pandemic deaths of 81, the more "above the average Lebenserwartung" sun. Some of the Covid-19 in Germany, spare die, instead "another Virus or Bakterium".

After recovering from Covid-19-infection Streeck from a immunity of up to two years from. The "Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung" he said this conclusion of the Literature reviews suggested to the corona virus at the Institute for Virology at the Bonn University, which he directs. Also, various studies have pointed in this direction. Secured appear a immunity "at least the time that we have the Virus already kennen". After that you will be able to be infected again with the Virus. "However, it would be expected that over the course of a mild ist", the Professor said.

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