Bed expert explains why pillows are making you ill as bad hygiene could be bad

Bed expert explains why pillows are making you ill as bad hygiene could be bad


Never underestimate the power of a clean bed, as glistening sheets can actually be beneficial in a number of ways.

As well as offering you a better sleep, clean sheets and pillowcases can also be linked to your health.

The Sun has reported that according to bedding expert, Malik Karman, of Eachnight Mattresses, it's probably quite likely that you aren't rinsing your sheets enough.

He's claimed that you should be washing your sheets at the minimum of once a week to keep as healthy as possible.

What's more – if you suffer with oily skin or hair – you should probably be upping your washes more than the average person.

Karman said: "Cleaning a pillowcase can eliminate skin oils and other allergens that collect in the fabric, ensuring the surface stays clean and comfortable."

The good news is that you don't have to wash your pillows as often, as they are usually covered by clean cases.

Karman added: "The average pillow can be washed every four to six months to help it maintain its comfort and support."

But, before you throw your pillows in the machine, ensure you check the pillows' care tags to ensure you're washing them correctly.

It's said that if you choose not to wash your pillows altogether, it could lead to even more health problems.

The expert said: "Pillows absorb many things throughout the night such as skin oils, sweat, dead cells, dust, and other allergens and irritants."

In a nutshell this means a dirty pillow could lead to you developing facial acne, and could also simply become pretty whiffy.

Unwashed pillows will also become problematic for those with allergies as they can lead to enhancing your symptoms.

If you feel you need to give your pillows a swill, make sure they are machine-washable, and take off any necessary coverings.

Then toss them in the washer and add a little detergent.

Experts say you can also add a tennis ball to the wash if you feel your pillows could benefit from a little fluffing up. This could also lead to them drying more quickly.

Once they've been washed you can tumble dry them on a low heat, and this will help you to achieve a much healthier kip.

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