American University of Beirut Medical Center achieves Stage 6 of EMRAM and O-EMRAM

American University of Beirut Medical Center achieves Stage 6 of EMRAM and O-EMRAM


The hospital has a fully integrated and deployed EMR system that enables both the inpatient and outpatient facilities to operate near-paperless care.


The EMRAM and O-EMRAM models devised by HIMSS, the owner of Healthcare IT News, measures the adoption and maturity of its EMR systems from 0 to 7. “By being validated at Stage 6 in both models, AUBMC is demonstrating its commitment to improving patient safety and the overall quality of clinical care through the effective use of technology in inpatient and outpatient services”, reads a statement by the hospital.

Jorg Studzinski, director of research and advisory services at HIMSS said: “With the implementation of their new and very comprehensive Electronic Medical Record system [AUBMC] have clearly reached new levels of clinical efficiency and effectiveness from which their patients benefit in various ways, for example by having electronic access to their own health information and a safer environment that reduces the potential of medication-related errors”.


As well as being validated at Stage 6 of EMRAM and O-EMRAM, AUBMC are working towards certification in other HIMSS Maturity Models. These include the Adoption Model for Analytics Maturity (AMAM), the Digital Imaging Adoption Model (DIAM) and the Continuity of Care Maturity Model (CCMM) that all validate organisations against their use and integration of particular technologies.

This movement is in line with the push in Lebanon towards interoperability and improved digital health.

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