Aldi’s New Breakfast Pizza Packs Tons of Flavor Into Its Unusual Crust

Aldi’s New Breakfast Pizza Packs Tons of Flavor Into Its Unusual Crust


There is something so exciting, especially to the kiddos, about eating breakfast for dinner. It’s a favorite in many households as it is easy to whip up, and the children love it. Aldi is a great place to shop for all your breakfast needs at a very low price and their specialty items are always a hit. From their cheesecake in a jar to their pickle popcorn, you are sure to find a unique item that you’ll fall in love with after that first bite. There is a new, innovative product at Aldi that combines your breakfast and dinner favorites to create a scrumptious entree for the whole family to enjoy. The new breakfast pizza not only has sausage, cheese and gravy on top, but its crust is a flaky, biscuit one that is seriously irresistible.

The popular Instagram account @aldifavoritefinds shared the breakfast pizza in a post highlighting some morning favorites. They wrote, “This is a big breakfast week with lots of options! It will probably take a few posts to cover them all. Remember that most of these are only in stock this one week so stock up if there is something you love. Swipe the photos. The breakfast pizza is one of my kids’ favorites.”

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The pizza seems to be a serious fan favorite. One user commented, “The breakfast pizza is one of my all-time favorite Aldi finds! I bought 5 this weekend since I can store them in the freezer.” Another shared, “I always stock up on the pizza, I still have 2 from last time.” Seeing as this pizza is good enough for people to buy tons to stock up, we think it is definitely worth trying if you love breakfast just as much as we do. I mean come on, it is the most important meal of the day, right?

It likely won’t be in stock for long, so if you are interested in trying this fun pizza run to your local Aldi’s and grab one, or maybe three, fast before they are all gone.

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